The year 2019 marks 200 years of history in Singapore, and CBRE is joining the celebrations. CBRE is proud to showcase the 2019 Bicentennial Singapore within its The Singapore Journey exhibition.

The exhibition will run from 9 to 15 October 2019 at Marina One – The Heart. The weeklong exhibition is open to the public, with numerous community groups partnering with CBRE to celebrate this national anniversary.

The Singapore Journey is inspired by the diverse ways we Work, Live, Play, Learn and how innovation is transforming real estate into real experiences. It will incorporate elements of the latest real estate concepts including placemaking, by integrating an island walk with four iconic zones each well equipped to connect and engage every visitor. Guests will be treated to a fully immersive experience with engagement points, digital movements and spectacular visuals.

The island walk has been specially set up to showcase the development of Singapore over the years through location stories and to highlight the CBRE’s involvement and contribution to this remarkable journey. The experiential zone will also feature past works from Dr. Liu Thai Ker - a renowned architect-master planner known as the founding father of city planning in Singapore, and examples of urban placemaking being pioneered in Singapore.