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Real Estate Market Outlook and Insights 2023 - Singapore & ASEAN

Division Chairman Anshuman Magazine shares his observations, reflections and advice relating to real estate and leadership

July 25, 2023


The real estate market has undergone massive changes in the last decade. With the introduction of multiple cooling measures in Singapore’s residential sector and the lingering effects of the pandemic on foreign investments, we have witnessed shifts in supply and demand of properties which have affected developers’ and investors’ risk appetites. 
However, despite our limited land space, properties in Singapore have become one of the most sought after in ASEAN, even Asia. With the rapid growth of the real estate market in Singapore and the region, it is not surprising that many have wondered about the potential opportunities, challenges and even seek out opinions among the differing sentiments.  
In a 3-part video series, our Division Chairman Anshuman Magazine explores these questions and shares his observations of the real estate market in Singapore and ASEAN as well as the changes he expects to see in the mid to long term. As a bonus, hear from the man himself about his career milestones, interests outside of work, and leadership philosophies.  

In Focus with Anshuman Magazine – Part 1

Singapore is known to be a successful regional hub for real estate. Find out how Singapore could be affected by challenges in the market, as well as the measures we can take to stay ahead. 

In Focus with Anshuman Magazine – Part 2 

In recent years, the ASEAN market has seen rapid economic growth fueled by a relatively young workforce. Watch to discover the possible opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, as well as valuable advice for young real estate professionals in the ASEAN region. 

In Focus with Anshuman Magazine – Part 3 

Get to know our Division Chairman on a more personal level with a glimpse into his interests outside of work, his leadership philosophies and more!