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Year in Review: Top 10 Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Research Reports of 2022

December 15, 2022


2022 has been yet another year of significant change, with real estate occupiers and investors navigating the residual effects of Covid-19, as well as strengthening macroeconomic headwinds caused by rising inflation, higher interest rates and geopolitical conflicts. 

A number of key trends have emerged this year across markets and sectors in Asia Pacific that have far-reaching implications for real estate investors and occupiers. CBRE’s Asia Pacific Research team – which analyses real estate market data to provide high quality and meaningful industry insights – has compiled a collection of our top 10 Real Estate Research Reports of 2022. These reports shed light on the key real estate industry trends and developments observed in Asia Pacific in 2022, and provide valuable insights into what the future holds.

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2022 Asia Pacific Mid-Year Real Estate Market Outlook

Given the fast-changing macroeconomic environment experienced during 2022, this report provides updated mid-year forecasts to reflect changes in economic assumptions.  

*Coming soon in February 2023: Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook 2023
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2022 Asia Pacific Office Occupier Survey

Insights from CBRE’s survey of office occupiers in Asia Pacific on their views on their real estate priorities in the post-pandemic era, exploring key trends such as the return to office, the adoption of flexible working as the new normal, refining workplace strategies and priorities, and augmenting office wellness and sustainability.
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Voices from Asia Pacific: How will people live, work and shop in the future?

Asia Pacific Live-Work-Shop Report 2022: In the first survey of its kind, CBRE polled more than 20,000 people worldwide – from Gen Z to Baby Boomers – earlier this year to understand how they will live, work and shop in the future, and how this will impact the real estate they use. Included in the survey were around 9,000 respondents from Asia Pacific. 

Our Interactive Data Dashboard allows you to explore the data behind the survey and compare global results against those of your own geographic region, market and age group. 
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Conformist, Contrarian or Vintage? Selecting Real Estate Investment Strategies for 2023

Amid strengthening macroeconomic headwinds, CBRE identified a range of strategies for investors to consider based on their investment approach and risk appetite. This Viewpoint explores each of these strategies in detail by identifying what CBRE believes to be the most attractive opportunities in individual sectors and markets together with the most viable entry routes.
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Omnichannel Retail and its Impact on Asia Pacific Real Estate

E-commerce in Asia Pacific has grown rapidly over the past few years, and CBRE expects future growth in the region to continue to outpace the rest of the world. This report notes that as the retail industry continues to evolve toward omnichannel, so too will the role and functions of physical stores. It explores how retailers and landlords should re-invent themselves to prepare for the evolution of retail and the rise of omnichannel.

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Asia Pacific Cap Rate Survey Q3 2022

In this semi-annual analysis of Cap Rates across Asia Pacific, CBRE professionals in the region see that a majority of investors have become more risk averse amid the rising interest rate environment. The analysis finds that cap rates across all sectors have expanded across most Asia Pacific markets, with a majority of respondents to the survey expecting cap rates to continue to move out.

*Coming soon in April 2023: Asia Pacific Cap Rate Survey Q1 2023
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Asia Pacific Sustainable City Ranking

To improve transparency around the role that cities and the built environment play in carbon emission reduction, CBRE developed the Asia Pacific Sustainable City Ranking, which measures current and future environmental resilience and its impact on commercial real estate across 28 cities in the region.
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Mitigating Inflation: Actions for Corporate Real Estate Occupiers

With inflation increasing across markets, this Viewpoint explores how corporate occupiers in Asia Pacific can mitigate risks and navigate the potential impacts of high inflation on how they finance, build, operate and manage their real estate.
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2022 Asia Pacific Hotels & Hospitality Update: A Roadmap to Recovery

With confidence in Asia Pacific’s Hotels & Hospitality market growing as borders reopen and operating performance recovers to pre-pandemic levels, this report explores growth trends for the industry and implications for investors and hotel operators.
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Asia Pacific Investor Intentions Survey 2022

Insights from CBRE’s survey of over 500 investors in Asia Pacific on their buying appetite and preferred strategies, sectors and markets for 2022.

*Coming soon in January 2023: Asia Pacific Investor Intentions Survey 2023