Kevin Major

Sr Manager, Client Strategy Consulting

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Professional Experience

Kevin Major is a Senior Client Strategy Consulting Manager with CBRE’s Labor Analytics, based in Phoenix, Arizona. By leveraging proprietary tools and local market intelligence, Kevin focuses on research and evaluation of labor markets nationwide for his clients. His role allows him to be client-facing, and includes responsibilities such as presenting demographic, financial and anecdotal analysis through proprietary models. Additionally, he researches labor markets through extensive interviews and on-site labor assessments, identifying trends and nuances to help determine if a market makes for a good fit for use in labor assessment and site selection.

Kevin rejoined CBRE at the start of 2014 after working on a corporate RE account for a commercial services firm as a senior financial analyst and transaction manager where he engineered automated financial models. Previously Kevin had worked for CBRE on the American Express Global Portfolio in a PMO Role assisting in the management of KPI reporting, transactions analysis and site selection strategy.