Wouter Oosting

Executive Director Workplace Strategies

Photo of wouter-oosting

Professional Experience

Wouter has over 25 of years of experience covering the breadth of workplace and housing advice, of which approx. half was spent with CBRE. His personal ambition is to find innovative ways to build towards long-term satisfaction. One great way to achieve that is by designing work environments that contribute to the vitality, engagement and social connectedness of employees.

Wouter has worked from our award-winning Amsterdam headquarters, The Core, since 2019. CBRE transformed this old car garage into a unique, sustainable, and modern workplace. Thanks to Wouter’s contribution, more than 500 CBRE employees work here in a manner that suits them: together with each other and clients, with plenty of space for entrepreneurship.

Wouter worked closely with the University of Twente to investigate what impact the working environment has on the health and performance of employees. Based on this, he developed the Healthy Offices Quickscan and examined the optimal working environment for a tech company. He has been the driving force behind our spacesizing and hybrid work services for a few years now, asking questions like finding the balance between determining your own workplace and retaining values like corporate culture and productivity; and what that means for the office.