• Despite a falling number of pubs nationwide, pub industry revenues have risen by almost 4% in the past two years. Read more page 3
  • Tenanted pubs: Hawthorn Leisure has been sold to NewRiver REIT for £106.8m. Read more page 4
  • Managed pubs: Spring trends in lfl sales and the impact of continued rise in capacity in the casual dining space. Read more page 4
    Market activity highlights and like-for-like sales in managed pub and restaurant operators. Read more page 5
  • CVAs can be an essential last chance saloon to saving jobs, brands and a degree of income for investors. Read more page 6
  • Football's coming home - Millions of fans are forecast to watch the World Cup at the pub and to drink 14 million extra pints providing a £42m boost to the UK economy. Read more page 7