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More than dots on a map, Location Intelligence is the science that powers smart business decisions.


Location Intelligence is the data and analytics that influence the end-to-end solutions and executable strategies of tomorrow. Our team understands the potential of Geographic Information Systems (GIS),  leveraging intelligence and technology to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Far Beyond Mapping

Showcasing information at a latitude, longitude level is just a starting point. The environment surrounding a location plays an essential role in understanding its potential. We leverage our deep expertise and take a holistic approach to analyzing and simplifying complex data sets to provide a clear picture of our client’s real estate options. Our solutions extend to drive-time and commute analysis, employee and labor studies, understanding consumer movement and behavior, transportation studies and so much more.

Technology Forward

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See which markets have the biggest tech talent pools and which markets are seeing the most growth.

2021 Tech Talent Analyzer

Dimension is CBRE’s proprietary web-based location intelligence platform. It combines exclusive data, market knowledge and client requirements to animate the art of site selection and analysis. By visually displaying a variety of details in an interactive environment, we strip away bias to create tangible real estate scenarios. From multi-media presentations to bespoke applications showcasing real-time information, Dimension creates a compelling story that provides the insight you need to make faster, more educated decisions with confidence.

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