Singapore Symposium 2022

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Thank you for participating in the Singapore Symposium 2022. As we reevaluate and redefine towards a sustainable future, we hope that through the event, you have acquired useful insights and perspectives, or gained some food for thoughts, which can help you – in one way or another – plot your next step for business growth.

To help us make subsequent Symposiums a better one, we would deeply appreciate your feedback via the link below.

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Should you have queries on any real estate topics, please reach out to CBRE Singapore and we will put you in touch with the relevant CBRE personnel for a further discussion.

Event Agenda

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Singapore has remained resilient amid the pandemic over the last few years, but we are now geared towards a concerted effort of change for a sustainable future. This year’s theme of ‘RE-Evaluate and RE-Define”, will be centred around the fast-changing landscape in the development and management of assets and the future roles that commercial real estate space will play.

Through the Symposium, CBRE Singapore brings together thought leaders, industry experts, as well as senior leadership in real estate across Singapore and Asia and related communities, providing you the chance to meet and exchange insights with other players in the sector.

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Omnichannel Retail and its Impact on Singapore Real Estate report, freshly released at the CBRE Symposium 2022.